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Total Solution of Engineering


We Have Total Solution of Engineering

Essential for humid workspaces!
Waterproof fluorescent working lamp!


  • Waterproof : It has an excellent waterproof structure (suitable for humid workspaces).
  • Economical factor : It has a brightness that is five times higher than existing valves and reduces one-fourth of the electricity bill, making it highly economical.
  • Productivity : It is a fluorescent working lamp that does not emit heat and maintains a pleasant working condition for a long time.
  • Material : The cover is made of a transparent and shock-resistant material with permanent durability.
  • Installation : Installation and relocation is easy and not subject to any type of location or condition.


  • Civil engineering work, construction work, and subway construction sites
  • Humid tunnel manhole workspaces
  • Storage and factory production lines
  • Humid aquariums, greenhouses, and fish farms
  • Temporary lightings for events and tents
  • Food cart and street stall lightings
  • Cable and electricity tunnels

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