High Power LED Explosion proof Floodlight


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High Power LED Explosion proof Floodlight

We Have Total Solution of Engineering

Ex Code: Ex d II C T6/T5
Standard: GB3836.1, GB3836.2


  • Ideal to be used in the oilfield, chemical industry, steel industry, power, port, Petroleum etc.
  • Harsh environment, moist area.
  • Gas explosive environment : Group IIA, IIB, IIC
  • Zone 1, Zone2; Zone 21, Zone 22
  • Temperature class: T1 to T6

Technical Specification

Input Voltage 90-305VAC / 127-431VDC
Frequency 36VDC
Anti corrosion grade 50Hz / 60Hz
Insulation Grade WF2
Spacing height ratio I
Screw Thread G3/4″
Cable Diameter ¢8mm-¢14mm
Dimension ¢300x202x332mm
Net Weight 6.3Kg


  • Adopts America BridgeLux LED light source, can save 60% on energy than metal halide lamp.
  • The blade-shape housing and heat sink on back cover ensure the lamp to efficiently dissipate heat so that prolong LED life.
  • Taiwan Meanwell LED driver, power factor >0.98, more stable performance.
  • Adjustable position-locking device on the bracket can tightly fix the lamp to any desired angle, keep the lamp from moving in harsh vibration area.
  • The anti corrosion aluminum alloy body is powder coated, anti corrosion, dust proof, water proof. Suitable to be used in harsh environment.
  • Flame proof type of protection, safe for use in all kinds of inflammable and explosive area.
  • The lamp can parallel connected , no need to use the junction box.
  • Beam angle: 90 (standard), 60 , 120 and streetlight beam angle is optional.

Light distribution curve

Ordering reference

Model Number Light Source Rated wattage (W) Light output (lm) Temperature Class Equivalent to
Metal halide lamp Induction lamp Mercury lamp
IV9700-L50 LED 50 6,100 T6 100W 100W 125W
IV9700-L60 LED 60 7,250 T6 150W 135W 175W
IV9700-L80 LED 80 9,880 T6 175W 165W 250W
IV9700-L100 LED 100 11,200 T6 250W 200W 250-400W
IV9700-L120 LED 120 14,000 T5 250-400W 200W 400W

Drawing of dimension (Dimensions in mm)

Accessories list (optional)

Number Specification Quantity Remark
1 Explosion proof connector 1 G3/4″ Internal to external
2 Explosion proof junction box 1 G3/4″
3 Connecting pipe 2 G3/4″ Internal to external
4 G3/4" pole 1 The length in accordance with the request of the customer
5 Explosion proof connector 1 G3/4″ external to external
6 Flange mounted type pole 1 3 meters
7 Street light pole 1 6 meters

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