LED Explosion proof Platform light


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LED Explosion proof Platform light

We Have Total Solution of Engineering

Ex Code: Ex d II C T6 Gb
Standard: GB3836.1, GB3836.2


  • Ideal to be used in the oilfield, chemical industry, steel industry, power, port, Petroleum etc.
  • Harsh environment, moist area.
  • Gas explosive environment : Group IIA, IIB, IIC
  • Zone 1, Zone2; Zone 21, Zone 22
  • Temperature class: T1 to T6

Technical Specification

Input Voltage 90-264VAC / 127-370VDC
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Anti corrosion grade WF2
Insulation Grade I
Spacing height ratio 3.5
Screw Thread G3/4″
Cable Diameter ¢8mm-¢14mm
Dimension ¢240x220mm
Net Weight 5Kg


  • With the unique light distribution design, make the light welldistributed.Its beam angel can reach 220 . It efficiently utilize the light. Have a good performance of illuminance uniformity, glare free, can avoid eyestrain to the worker.
  • Equipped with American CREE LED as light source, can save 60% or more on energy than the metal halide lamp.
  • Taiwan Meanwell LED driver, high efficiency, more stable performance.
  • The housing is especially designed to dissipate heat. Besides, it uses the thermal transmission to accelerate the heat conduction which increase the efficiency and lifespan of the LED, so that to ensure the 100,000 hours LED lifespan.
  • The lamp is made to the highest explosion proof protection grade : flame proof, so that ensure the lamp can safely used in all kinds of inflammable and explosive places.
  • The anti corrosion, abrasion proof, power coated cover which is dust proof, water proof , make the lamp an excellent option for all kinds of high stress environment.
  • 18-43VAC or 18-55VDC is optional for 25W and 40W as customer’s requirement.

Light distribution curve

Ordering reference

Model Number Input Voltage Light source Rated wattage (W) Light output (lm) Equivalent to
Metal Halide Lamp Electrode Less
Energy Saving
High pressure
mercury lamp
IV9302-L25 90-264VAC
or 127-370VDC
LED 25 3,300 50-70W 50W 60W 80W
IV9302-L40 LED 40 5,508 100W 85W 120W 125W
IV9302-L60 LED 60 7,128 150W 120W 180W 175W
IV9302-L25-D 18-43VAC
or 18-55VDC
LED 25 3,300 50-70W 50W 60W 80W
IV9302-L40-D LED 40 5,508 100W 85W 120W 125W

Drawing of dimension (Dimensions in mm)

Accessories list (optional)

Number Name Quantity Remark
1 Explosion proof connector   G3/4″ internal to external
2 Mounting bracket 1  
3 Connecting pipe 2 G3/4″ internal to external
4 Explosion proof junction box 1 G3/4″
5 G3/4″ pole 1 The length in accordance with the request of the customer
6 Screw hook 1  
7 Chain 1  
8 Turn buckle 1  
9 G3/4″ bend pipe 1 90 degrees and 150 degrees are optional
10 Light pole 1  
11 U-bolts 2  
12 Flanged type pole 1  

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