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Total Solution of Engineering

For Plant Factory

We Have Total Solution of Engineering

What is plant factory?

  • Planned all-weather production and stable supply
  • Mass installation in free spaces (underground) of suburban areas
  • Improved customer trust with high quality and the absence of agricultural pesticides
  • Excellent effects with minimum area used
  • Supply of fresh vegetables with reduced transportation time
  • Good for long storage
  • An optimal lighting source with different wavelengths for the plant
  • Light intensity, quality, and duration have effects on the carbon assimilation of plants, so nutrients (carbohydrates) are used for growth, and those remaining are stored in the fruits, roots, and stems.


Model IPPL-10W
Lux 300
Input Voltage AC 220V
Weight 450g
Power Consumption 10W
LED Quantity 60EA
Overal Length 1200
Diameter O.D 32.
LED Angle 120˚
Housing P.C COVER
Color Color customization

Example of LED cultivation

Difference between fluorescent and LED lamps

Fluorescent Lamp

LED Lamp

Mushroom factory

Beech mushroom

King Oyster mushroom

Hen of the Woods

Shiitake mushroom

Winter mushroom

Led light for plant

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